We are well aware that the quality of dental services depends not only on the professionalism of the dentists, but also on the reliability and safety of the equipment being used.

Therefore, we are very scrupulous in terms of selection of dental and X-ray machines, illuminating equipment, as well as all consumables, which contact with your teeth and affect the final result of treatment and prosthetics.

We currently use:

  • Wall mounted Kodak 2100 Intraoral X-ray System equipped with 300 kHz frequency oscillator reducing the radiation dose to the patient by 30% compared with the other X-ray systems of other modifications. The system offers an unprecedented radiation safety and perfect ease of use;


  • “Kodak” RVG 5100 Digital Radiography System (x-ray) of the last generation with high-sensitive sensors “Kodak sensor technology”, perfect fiber optic filter for ultraprecise diagnosis and reduced load on the tissues which still allow to obtain high contrast x-ray pictures with optimal size for the diagnosis;
  • Only disposable masks, gloves, cofferdams, retractors as well as sterile branded tips Sirona (Germany), NSK (Japan).

In our clinic we always:

  • guarantee no pain during treatment due to the use of modern anesthetics being selected based on individual response, as well as on growth, weight and age of the patient. The anesthetic is injected with the use of the thinnest needle in a gum which is swabbed with a special gel to minimize the sensitivity at the injection site;
  • make sure that dentist works in four hands with an assistant, providing fast and comfortable treatment process;
  • carry out therapeutic manipulations under control of Italian «Univet» binocular loupes.



Removing white spots WITHOUT DRILLING!

Revolution in the treatment of decay at early stages.

Our clinic presents fundamentally new, progressive approach to complete and absolute decay removal at its early stages – the white spots stage.

Today, we can save you from early caries in one visit – without pain, without anesthesia, without any harm to healthy tooth tissue and without drilling using avant-garde technology called ICON®.

ICON is an intelligent polymer which penetrates the tooth tissue, restores the surface and stops the spread of harmful acids that cause tooth decay. Thus, ICON not only blocks the progression of decay and prevents teeth destruction but also acts as restorative and preventive mean.

ICON is truly microinvasive technology considered as a breakthrough in the modern treatment of decay in adults and children. It allows to seal the demineralised enamel and significantly increase the strength of the tooth WITHOUT TRAUMAS and WITHOUT PAIN.

Professional Hygiene:

For professional-quality dental hygiene we use high-performance Air-Flow Clinpro Prophy 3M Powder.

This powder is completely safe for all tissues of the mouth, which is why it is successfully used in professional hygiene treatment of both supragingival and subgingival areas of teeth.

Low abrasiveness of innovative powder provides delicate impact on tooth enamel, sensitive tissues of precervical part of the teeth, as well as any dental systems. And its high cleaning properties allow to completely remove even chronic plaque, neutralize pathogenic microflora which accumulates in the periodontal pockets, and even restore the color of the dentition.

The basis of Clinpro ™ Prophy Powder is glycine, which distinguishes it from obsolete calcium compounds based on soda. Incredibly low abrasiveness provides gentle effect even on most sensitive areas of enamel and areas of exposed dentin, which is why plaque is removed with virtually no loss of enamel.

Therefore, professional hygiene using Clinpro ™ Prophy Powder can be carried out not only twice a year, as it was with old technology, but whenever it is necessary.


Dental treatment with the use of binocular loupes:

All of our dentists are working with the use of advanced binocular loupes from the Italian manufacturer «Univet» making it possible to examine the treated area in the smallest details with a 4.5x zoom and provide manipulations for the objects in the smallest areas that are indistinguishable for a usual vision.



It is particularly important to use «Univet» binocular loupes in primary and secondary endodontic treatment, in teeth depulpation, and in removing foreign bodies from the dental tissues (such as intracanal post) if necessary.

Binocular loupes is the only way to quickly and correctly identify the number and location of root canals even in atypical cases, to detect microscopic defects of their walls and even to correct the curvature of the central root canal, caused by previous treatment. It also helps to keep track on how careful the pulp was removed and check the quality of the channel filling.

Only binocular loupe allows to perfectly clean the cavities of carious teeth from damaged tissues, thus, providing the highest quality of dental treatment.

The use of binocular loupes in dental prosthetics protects patients from incorrect positioning and poor fitting to dental tissues of inlays, veneers, crowns and posts. This ensures the reliability and longevity of prosthetics.



To ensure better improvement of quality of our dental, orthodontic and orthopedic services, we equipped every workplace with Swedish «D-TЕС»shadowless lamps, which have directed ceiling (upper) light and provide outstanding illumination of the working area.

And now we can say with confidence that highly qualified dental care with the use of modern technologies is «Organic Dent» – your dental clinic.