Today, dentistry and dental prosthesis are no longer associated with negative emotions, painful procedures and discomfort. Modern clinics perform a wide range of preventive care and dental treatment of various levels of complexity, creating the most favorable conditions for the patients. This was made possible by the following advantages:

  • the implementation of innovative technologies, techniques and materials in dentistry;
  • installation of modern high-precision medical and diagnostic equipment;
  • the use of specialized, convenient and precise tools;
  • the use of new medications allowing to minimize negative experience;
  • high qualification of clinic specialists which is constantly being improved;

Our dental clinic on Tulskaya street provides a full range of services aimed at solving any kind of problems with teeth and gums:

  • It includes the elimination of dental caries, pulpitis, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies of gums, cyst removal.
  • It will help to correct congenital or acquired malocclusion and align the dentition for children and adults.
  • Dental prosthesis. Installation of metal-ceramics or metal-free ceramics allows to restore functions and the integrity of the dentition with a single or multiple adentia.
  • Dental implants. Installation of the implants followed by fixing dental crowns or dentures on them which helps to restore chewing function and return beautiful smile.
  • Teeth extraction of various levels of complexity of the teeth is carried out gently, using new generation of painkillers.
  • Professional cleaning. Removing dental calculus, plaque and subgingival deposits in order to maintain the health of teeth and gums, prevent dental caries and periodontal disease.
  • Whitening is done to remove soft plaque, get rid of teeth pigmentation, and restore enamel color.

If you need dental treatment and prosthesis in the center of Moscow at a reasonable cost, then our professional dentists are ready to do it at the highest level. Our advantages are: massive experience, the use of modern technologies, flawless quality of work and reasonable prices.