Modern Nobel Biocare implants – the leaders in implantology

Импланты Nobel Biocare это лидер на рынке Имплантологии

Nobel Biocare implants can be called implant market natives. Having started their history more than forty years ago, today Nobel implants have reached the highest levels of quality and are now the undisputed leaders in implant dentistry. Our experts will be happy to use the Nobel implants for the dentistry in the center of Moscow, since their use ensures excellent performance and aesthetic result.


The advantages and features of modern Nobel implants:

  • safety: modern Nobel biocare implants do not cause allergic reactions, do not destroy the surrounding tissues and do not suffer from chemical and mechanical changes during long-term use in the oral cavity;
  • the reduction of the prosthetics terms thanks to TiUnite – unique surface of Nobel implants;
  • the variety of forms with absolute anatomical and physiological compatibility allows us to use Nobel implants even with periodontal diseases, lack of bone tissue, abnormal sensitivity of the gums and other physiological characteristics of the patient;

Very wide range of application:

Имплантатов Nobel обеспечивают полную безопасность для вашего здоровьяСовременные Импланты Nobel Biocare

Modern Nobel implants allow to carry out a single, partial and complete prosthesis with the same excellent results as well as to place e-max crowns and prosthetic bridges of all modern materials including zirconium oxide, or non-metal (ceramic) over Nobel implants;

  • Красота улыбки с помощью Nobel Biocaredurability and reliability demonstrated by Nobel implants allows to guarantee the service life of more than 20 years, in 2011 Nobel Biocare company announced a lifetime warranty on their products;
  • luxurious aesthetics, which can be achieved with the help of Nobel implants prosthesis, gives you not simply beautiful teeth but the teeth which cannot be distinguished from the natural ones;
  • the affordability of high-quality prosthesis with Nobel systems in any financial capacity.

We would like to add to what was mentioned above that Nobel latest developments allow to provide unsurpassed comfort for the client at all stages of prosthetics in Organic Dent clinic which is located in the center of Moscow.