Orthodontics is the field of dentistry, which studies ways to eliminate any congenital malformations of teeth and bite. In particular, the competence of our orthodontist includes overbite correction for children and adults, as well as the alignment of the dentition with single or multiple crooked teeth.

«Organic Dent» orthodontics near Tulskaya subway station gives you the opportunity to experience orthodontic treatment with great comfort and excellent results which are guaranteed.

We will make your teeth straight and your smile – attractive.

Prices for orthodontic treatment and equipment
A full course of orthodontic treatment (includes fixing the equipment on the lower and upper dentition,

all visits, activations, re-fixing of brackets, regardless of the treatment duration)

120-140 тыс. руб.
Cost of the equipment for the upper and lower dentition
Clarity Sl self-ligating ceramic braces 50-55 тыс. руб.
Damon Q self-ligating metal braces 170 тыс. руб.
Invisalign mouthguards 12000 руб.

Correcting Overbite:

If you need the nearest orthodontics in Zamoskvorechye – welcome to «Organic Dent»! We will be happy to provide you with all kinds of orthodontic care. To correct the alignment of teeth and bite we use:

  • new generation bracket systems – self-ligating brackets, both metallic and ceramic, as well as traditional sapphire, metal and ceramic braces. The locks of the archwire of such braces (ligatures) may be visible (colored or metallic) and invisible (transparent).

In our orthodontics near Tulskaya you can choose both external and internal braces; in particular, progressive Incognito lingual bracket systems that are completely invisible to others. You can also have orthodontic treatment even without any braces with the help of invisible Invisalign mouthguards.

In «Organic Dent» orthodontics near Tulskaya subway station we use the most advanced technologies. For example, we successfully carry out orthodontic treatment using mini-implants, when it is necessary to adjust the position of separate teeth before prosthetics.

Straightening the teeth:

It is incredibly easy to make the teeth straight and a smile brilliant in our orthodontics near Tulskaya subway station – just schedule an appointment at our «Organic Dent». Our specialists brilliantly solve such orthodontics problems as:

  • malocclusion, bad shape and size of the dentition;
  • crowded teeth;
  • spaces (gaps) between the teeth including spaces between the incisors (diastema) and multiple spaces (trema);
  • wrong position of one or more teeth.

We solve orthodontic problems of any complexity with glitter and warranty. And if you are looking for a good orthodontics, Danilovsky District has «Organic Dent» dental clinic, where orthodontic treatment is carried out by specialists of the highest category and candidates of medical sciences with more than 8 years work experience.

The quality and level of treatment will convince you that orthodontics near Tulskaya subway station is an ultra-modern dental clinic, where doctors are closely watching the latest developments in the orthodontics and successfully using its most advanced achievements for the benefit of their patients.