Invisalign aligners

We all dream of a dazzling snow-white smile. Unfortunately, not all of us got a gift of a beautiful straight teeth from nature. But don’t be upset. Orthodontics has a lot of means to solve this problem. Until recently, people used braces, which essentially spoiled the whole appearance. But now we have good alternative options. Invisalign aligners for overbite correction are one of them.

“Invisalign” means “invisible”, which truly corresponds to reality: aligners on your teeth are completely invisible to others. This quality becomes crucial for many people. Teenagers need invisible aligners to avoid the taunts of their peers and in order to be confident in their appeal. People who spend a lot of time under public attention (businessmen, politicians, artists, speakers) can use invisalign invisible aligners to support their successful image.

The features of Invisalign technique

Invisalign technology represents innovative revolutionary method designed to establish appropriate occlusion and restore correct alignment of the teeth.

Invisalign aligners are made by the American company called «Align Technology» according to a patented technology on a single plant with the use of special polymer material (transparent plastic). The entire process is controlled by a computer which ensures high accuracy of the results and eliminates the possibility of errors caused by human factors.

Orthodontists placing aligners must undergo special training after which they recieve certain qualification degree.

каппы Invisalign

Invisalign technique is based on a simple idea that the aligners, placed over the teeth, deform and tend to return to the original shape. They constantly but gently put pressure on the jaw which allows to correct anomalies of the dentition by moving the teeth in the right direction.

Unlike braces aligning each tooth individually, Invisalign aligners affect the entire dentition simultaneously.

For each patient, a few sets of aligners are made. At first they use the first set, then it is replaced with the second one, then the third and so on – it provides a gradual alignment of the teeth. One pair of aligners moves teeth by up to 0.25 millimeters.

Treatment of malocclusion with minor defects with the help of Invisalign aligners takes mot much time (from six months to a year). Other serious flaws might require wearing aligners for up to two years.

Testimonials show that Invisalign aligner system can provide quality dentition alignment in 80% of cases.

Invisalign aligners: pros and cons

Transparent Invisalign aligners have a lot of advantages:

  • They are completely invisible to others and do not spoil the look;
  • They do not cause allergic reactions;
  • They do not cause discomfort and irritation as they precisely match not only the shape of the teeth, but also the shape of the gums, which is why they are not felt in the mouth;
  • They do not affect diction (in some cases a slight change of diction might occur at the beginning of treatment, but after a week or two it comes back to normal);
  • Pain is minimized, as the pressure on the teeth is small;
  • They are easy to put on and remove, no need to use any fixing materials;
  • They are manufactured individually according to the shape of the teeth and to how it should be changed;
  • They do not require restrictions on eating habits as they are removed before eating;
  • They do not interfere with hygienic procedures;
  • They are reliable and safe – they do not hurt the enamel, do not scratch tongue and cheeks;
  • They are functional – you can carry out teeth whitening simultaneously;
  • They are universal – suitable not only for teenagers but also for adults;
  • If necessary (in case of an important meeting, date, wedding) they can be easily removed;
  • They allow you to have a look at a clear result before the treatment begins.

Invisalign aligners have some drawbacks as well but they are considerably inferior to the benefits:

  • patient is required to comply with a certain discipline and has to wear aligners all the time;
  • the price is quite high, which corresponds to high quality and efficiency;
  • fabrication of individual aligners takes quite a long time (at least a month).
Сравнение каппы Invisalign и естественной поверхности нижних зубов
Сравнение каппы Invisalign на верхнем зубном ряду с естественной поверхностью нижних зубов

Stages of flaws correction

Treatment with the help of Invisalign aligners is carried out in several stages.

  • At first, the orthodontist takes the impressions of the teeth and makes special photo. This information is processed by a special program called ClinCheck®. 3D modeling then helps to create videos which show how teeth will look like before and after the use of aligners depending on their load on the jaw. After reviewing this video, the patient selects the most suitable option for him.
  • Then the factory fabricates a set of customized aligners. Depending on the complexity of the treatment the number of aligners in the set may be different (from 10 to 50).
  • Doctor consults patient and gives him a set of aligners. Patient has to wear the aligners 20-22 hours a day. They are removed only while eating and brushing the teeth. Every 2-3 weeks a set of aligners needs to be replaced.
  • From time to time (every 3-6 weeks) it is necessary to visit the orthodontist to check the effectiveness of treatment.
  • To make malocclusion treatment successful, patient has to strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Treatable conditions with Invisalign aligners

Treatment of malocclusion with the use of invisalign aligners is recommended if patient has:

  • spacing in between teeth (diastema and trema);
  • crowded teeth;
  • shifted teeth because of the missing ones;
  • severely rotated teeth – wrong positioning in relation to each other and to the central axis;
  • cross-bite – when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned;
  • overbite – upper jaw protrudes past the lower jaw;
  • underbite – the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth;
  • Open bite – the lack of physical contact between front and lower teeth.

Invisalign aligners might also be used if the previous orthodontic treatment proved to be ineffective.

invisalign system is optimal for disciplined people who do not have serious problems with their teeth, for whom the invisibility of the treatment is a priority issue.


Invisalign aligners should not be used if patient has:

  • transitional dentition;
  • skeletal malocclusions;
  • impacted tooth;
  • tooth that needs to be rotated ;
  • fixed dental prosthesis in the oral cavity.

This treatment is also not recommended for people with weak willpower, unable to bring them to wear the aligners on a permanent basis.

How to take care of Invisalign aligners

Orthodontic Invisalign aligners require proper care. It is not right to wash them in special solutions and in hot water, because the plastic can be damaged. It is enough to simply wipe the aligners with ordinary brush and rinse in the cold water.

Hot food can also damage dental aligners. Therefore, it is better to remove them before eating. Special containers should be used to store the aligners.

Cost of treatment

A full course of orthodontic treatment (which includes fixing of the equipment on the lower and upper dentitions, all visits, activation, re-fixings regardless of the treatment duration)

120-140 thousand rubles

Cost of the equipment for the upper and lower dentition

Invisalign aligners 170 thousand rubles

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