Did you know that Airflow is often confused with the teeth whitening procedure, but it is important to understand that Airflow is rather a professional teeth cleaning, not whitening.

Air Flow is soft and absolutely harmless procedure of professional hygiene performed at the dentist’s office. We all know how important regular teeth cleaning is but in some cases a toothbrush is unable to handle with high-quality and complete cleaning of the teeth enamel. A number of certain factors may cause darkening of the enamel, formation of soft plaque which – due to mineralization processes – turns into tartar – the main cause of such severe complications as gingivitis and periodontitis. The plaque might hide carious lesions which become visible after its removal.

Prices for professional Air Flow cleaning and whitening

Professional oral hygiene: plaque and tartar removal (ultrasound + Air Flow using German technology). Grinding and polishing of teeth with paste based on fine zirconium oxide. Professional hygiene training. 6500 RUB.

According to specialists, among possible sources of these symptoms are:

  • poor cleaning of the teeth in hard-to-reach areas;
  • crooked teeth;
  • drinking coloring beverages (coffee, tea, herbal infusions, etc…);
  • having foods with excess of carbohydrate in diet (sweets, pastries, sugary drinks);
  • tobacco smoking.

Airflow teeth whitening is used to remove the soft plaque and enamel pigmentation. Air-Flow can be used as a standalone procedure or as an additional one after ultrasonic calculus removal. Air Flow can be an auxiliary procedure before aesthetic filling, periodontal treatment, implantation. If you do not remove plaque before filling or prosthesis, it might cause the risk of premature loss of fillings or periodontal pathology under the prosthesis. Orthodontic treatment should also be preceded by a professional cleaning as it aligns the tooth surface which improves the grip with dental constructions being placed upon teeth.

Conditions for Air Flow

Air Flow system whitening is a universal procedure used in dentistry for a multitude of tasks.

  • Plaque;
  • There are areas of pigmentation;
  • Prevention of periodontal disease;
  • Cleaning of crowded teeth;
  • Cleaning of braces, implants, veneers;
  • Restoring the natural color of the enamel before restoration.

How Air Flow works

The principle of “air flow” underlies the work of a special unit feeding a jet spray under pressure which is basically a mixture of fine granules of soda, water and air. Thin tip of its nozzle is able to get to hard-to-reach areas of the dentition and clean off dental deposits, both on visible areas and in the interdental spaces. With the help of a dental cleaner the dentist’s assistant removes water, powder and small particles, preventing them of scattering.

Air Flow whitening procedure teeth goes quickly and painlessly, without causing irritation and damage to gums and enamel. At the final stage as a preventive measure tooth polishing and protective coating with fluorinated compounds can be carried out. After Air Flow is complete, the doctor warns that for three hours is not recommended to eat pigmenting foods and beverages (tea, coffee, juices bright, beet, etc.), as well as to smoke. During this time, natural organic pellicle is being recovered on the teeth.

The result of Air Flow cleaning

After cleaning, the enamel gets natural color of about two shades whiter. The surface of the teeth becomes smooth and acquires a healthy glow. If the patient is not happy with the natural color of teeth enamel, modern dentistry has a wide range of chemical bleaching methods, which can whiten your teeth by 8-10 shades.

We should recall that the cost of professional cleaning is 15-20 times less than the cost of eliminating dental problems which already take place, not to mention the psychological discomfort the patient has to face. And how much do fresh breath, attractive smile and a positive mood cost? This is exactly the kind of effect people get from Air Flow bleaching.

Air Flow precautions

Air Flow method is so minimally invasive and safe that has almost no precautions. Such factors include the following states the patients might have:

  • allergy to citrus (the formulation usually has lemon flavor);
  • chronical bronchitis;
  • asthma;
  • epilepsy;
  • sensitive and thinning enamel.

Relative (removable over time) precautions include bleeding gums, runny or stuffy nose, infectious and viral diseases. In these cases, Air Flow might be carried out after the disease states are eliminated.

Air-Flow in Organic Dent clinic

Organic Dent dental clinic which is located near Tulskaya subway station in the centre of Moscow offers a professional Air-Flow dental hygiene using innovative Clinpro Prophy 3M Powder. The favorable difference of this powder from obsolete analogs that it has glycine instead of calcium compounds on the soda basis. The new powder is low abrasive and it gently cleans teeth enamel without damaging it.

Clinic’s specialists who perform Air-Flow have been carefully trained and are highly qualified to conduct this operation with the maximum productivity and comfort.