Безметаловые коронки eMax лучшое решение для васWhen it comes to dental prosthetics, each person wishes not only to restore chewing function but also to get beautiful and strong teeth. In this regard, e-Max all-ceramic crowns are the best solution of the problem. In our clinic, we will offer you non-metal all-ceramic crowns according to the latest CAD / CAM technology, which allow to get an unmatched aesthetic and functional result. You can also place these crowns over the newest Nobel biocare implants. We also offer non-metal zirconium dioxide based crowns – their properties and external qualities are comparable to all-ceramic analogs such as eMax crowns.

Non-metal E-Max Crowns

Виниры из материала eMax

All-ceramic eMax crowns are made of special blanks based on lithium disilicate (glass ceramic). e-Max ceramic crowns are extremely durable, very beautiful, and at the same time demonstrate excellent functional qualities as they can be easily installed on a modern Nobel Biocare implants. eMax technology allows to produce not only crowns, but also inlays and veneers. Organic Dent specialists know perfectly all the methods of dental restoration with the use of inlays, veneers and e-Max ceramic crowns.

Benefits of e-Max all-ceramic system

  • Beauty: non-metal all-ceramic crown looks very showy due to the absence of metal, which often gives teeth a grayish hue. Moderate transparency of non-metal all-ceramic crowns and their natural fit to the gum makes the teeth look as natural as possible.
  • Unique compatibility with the tissues of the oral cavity is a distinctive feature of all-ceramic crowns. Non-metal eMax crowns, as well as the others, do not cause rejection which means they are completely safe for people suffering from allergies.
  • Wide range of application: it is possible to put non-metal crowns over the front teeth and make your smile simply great, or it is also possible to place them over grinding teeth which will let you easily chew any food you like.
  • Excellent performance characteristics that each non-metal all-ceramic zirconium dioxide based crown has ensures aesthetic and operational safety of your teeth for more than a dozen years.
  • Durability. It is unlikely that you will be able to damage all-ceramic crown in any way as compared to many other types of crowns.

Drawbacks of eMax crowns

The only drawback is the high cost of the crowns. There is no need for everyone out there to choose eMax crowns as this type of treatment will be much more expensive than all the rest. Also, they might not be suitable for all patients – before choosing E-max ceramic crowns you will need to consult with your dentist or come to our clinic, where our best experts will offer you free consultation in order to understand whether this kind of treatment will be suitable and right for you.

How is e-max all-ceramic crown fitted?

  • In certain cases some preparation work might be involved, although it depends upon the state of your teeth and the scope of work required. In many cases no preparation is required and the operation is executed with the use of the minimum amount of dental products.
  • Fitting begins with the examination of the tooth to be treated. The tooth is cleaned and then re-shaped using a small drill. The idea is to improve the shape of the tooth and its condition so it is ready for crown fitting.
  • A small amount of your tooth is removed with the drill, although it depends on the extent of the damage. The more heavily stained the tooth is, the more part of it will need to be removed. But if you have only minor problems with your teeth, then perhaps you will not bring them to the point when it will be necessary to remove them completely.
  • Then the fabrication stage begins. eMax crown will be made in dental laboratory based on the occlusion of your teeth.
  • The dentist will first fit a temporary crown which you will need to wear from two to three weeks until your new crown is ready. Once it is ready, you will return to the dental clinic to complete the work.
  • Still, the advantages of all-ceramic crowns are undeniable which is why more customers of “Organic Dent” near Shabolovskaya subway station choose this technology of dental prosthetics, and according to our observations they leave only positive feedbacks exactly on non-metal crowns.

About all-ceramic crowns

The first ceramic crowns on zirconium shell appeared in 1994 year. The innovative technology of prosthetics called “Procera system” created by the Swedish dentist Matts Andersson cut a wide swath in dental services market.

Today, zirconium based ceramic crowns have gained unprecedented popularity due to their reliability, high safety profile, unique biocompatibility and virtually unlimited aesthetic possibilities. According to statistics, more than half a million zirconium based crowns have been fitted and the interest in this technology all over the world is growing steadily, both among professionals and patients.

The advantages of E-max crowns:

  • unmatched durability;
  • exceptional biocompatibility: due to high physicochemical similarities between bone tissues and zirconium dioxide based ceramic crowns;
  • they do not cause rejection;
  • they do not provoke any inflammatory reactions;
  • they do not cause allergies – there have been no records of any allergic reactions on zirconium dioxide based prosthetics up until now;
  • color invariability which does not depend on the time zirconium crowns spend in the oral cavity;
  • resistance to bacterial adhesion;
  • truly luxurious aesthetics alongside with natural look.

All the advantages mentioned above let us suggest that zirconium dioxide is a perfect material for dental practices since it has a wide range of applications and flawless aesthetic values.

Zirconium inlays and onlays

Новейшие коронки emax

Newest emax crowns. To restore the anatomical shape of the tooth which was destroyed, for instance, by tooth decay, apart from the crown itself, it is necessary to fabricate it’s inside part. It can be made from various materials, such as different metal alloys or zirconium (zirconium oxide). In contrast to metal inlays, zirconium inlay is fabricated in the laboratory – by digitizing impressions using CAD / CAM technology. eMax ceramic crowns are safe for your health. Zirconium oxide inlays allow to quickly restore the anatomical shape of the teeth, showing high functional and aesthetic performance in the end. At the same time metal based crowns may cause a change in soft tissue color, making it blue, as well as lifting the gum, an allergic reaction to metal, metallic taste in the mouth, electroplating and toxic reactions.


Керамика eMax - безопасна для вашего здоровья

The cost of non-metal e-max crowns

Today, the prices for non-metal crowns are certainly higher than for traditional metal ceramic constructions. And non-metal “impress” crown is more expensive than ordinary crown. However, non-metal ceramics serves several times longer and it looks completely natural. In addition, non-metal “impress” crowns are made with the use of the newest technology, which allows you to restore teeth quickly and with perfect quality.

If you are looking for non-metal E-max crowns for the front teeth, modern all-ceramic denture constructions or non-metal zirconium based crowns – then “Organic Dent” experts are there at your service. Come and enjoy the process and the outcome!