Cad-Cam технологии на страже ваших зубов

CAD-CAM system is a high-technology guarding the beauty of your teeth. Today we successfully use CAD-CAM technologies in our clinic for rapid fabrication of dentures of a very high quality.

CAD-CAM systems in dentistry in SAD allow to create any orthopedic designs with the help of three-dimensional models of the dentition based on traditional plaster impressions, which we send to a special CAD-CAM technology laboratory in Moscow. There, the impressions are being digitized (Figure 1) and the result is used to develop restoration model in 3D format (Figure 2).


3D Модель для изготовления реставрации

3D model for making restoration. At the same time CAD-CAM system finds restoration model which is optimal for a particular case and which takes into account the structure of the smallest nuances of your dentition.


This is what makes the future denture made by CAD-CAM technology ideal for you (Figure 3). A specialist can make both technical and aesthetic changes in design according to your demands. Only CAD-CAM can provide this opportunity in dentistry, and here it is out of the competition.

Окончательное планирование протезирования. Cad-cam Системы

The final planning of denture. Thus, CAD-CAM technology made it possible to produce beautiful, comfortable, functional and durable dental crowns, inlays and veneers without numerous fittings and adaptations. Thanks to CAD-CAM, the process itself takes several times less time, which allows you to get smooth, strong, and beautiful teeth in the shortest possible time.


The advantages of CAD-CAM in dentistry

The main advantages of the use of CAD-CAM systems in dentistry are short terms of making prosthetic designs, as well as their unique compatibility with the requirements of a specific organism in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Изготовление коронки по проекту cad-cam технологии.

Making crown based on CAD-CAM technology project. Within CAD-CAM dentistry in Southern Administrative District in our dental clinic we also make crowns based on zirconium dioxide – the most modern orthopedic material which, in classic prosthetics, is extremely difficult to “fit” for the desired parameters.


The use of the CAD-CAM technology guarantees luxurious zirconium based crowns of given size and incredibly natural appearance (Figure 4).

Do you want to have incredibly beautiful, strong, and white teeth? CAD-CAM systems at Organic Dent dental clinic in the center of Moscow are always there to help you.