Modern people want to be the owners of strong, beautiful, white teeth that look exactly like their own, don't cause discomfort while talking and allow to eat any kind of food.

Dental implantation at Tulskaya metro station is one of the most popular and required procedure. Compared to traditional orthopedic methods, dental implants have many advantages, which our experts briefly define as "a natural result for life". That is why many patients choose dental implants at the Organic Dent Clinic.

The cost of dental implants today is higher than any other type of prosthetics. This is due to the big quantity of preparatory steps, and the use of innovative materials and constructions.

But modern dental implantation , which prices seem relatively high , is worth its cost because you get a result that surpasses the effect of other dental restoration methods.

Reliability: it is extremely difficult to damage an implanted tooth, and the implant itself. It's impossible;
Safety: the materials used in dental implants are completely harmless - it's proven;
Durability: only such prosthetics as implantation guarantee a stable practical and aesthetic result lasting up to 25 years;
Unprecedented aesthetics, which can only be achieved through dental implants, out of competition;
Easy and simple to take care of: keeping your magnificent smile always bright is not difficult;
Uncomparable comfort: patients of "Organic Dent", who chose to have dental implants, leave only positive reviews.

How much does a tooth implant cost?

To find out how much a tooth implantation costs on Tulskaya, you just need to call "Organic Dent" and get a clear and detailed information on dental implants, as well as the cost of a complete and phased implantation. They will also explain to you why dental prosthetics, implantation in particular, are so important for maintaining health and a high quality of life.
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