Dental treatment
Bothered by a toothache? You need to clarify how much dental treatment in the clinic will cost you? Are you looking for a personal dentist?

«Organic Dent» dental clinic provides various dental treatment services in Moscow with the high level of comfort and safety. We use non-invasive techniques to ensure rapid healing even after implantation and prosthetics.
Dental treatment pricelist
Dental exam and consultation (free if the treatment starts the same day)
800 rub
Cavity treatment
Complex composite restoration (filling), including the use of anesthesia and rubber dam
7500 rub
Single root canal filling (all steps including anesthesia and rubber dam)
6500 rub
Filling two root canals of a multiple root tooth (all steps including anesthesia and rubber dam)
12000 rub
Filling three root canals of a multiple root tooth (all steps including anesthesia and rubber dam)
16000 rub
Filling four root canals of a multiple root tooth (all steps including anesthesia and rubber dam)
18000 rub
Our dental treatment and prosthetic services


  • Dental treatment and fillings.
    We use high-quality fillings that can merge with natural tooth tissues and strengthen them. We precisely select the shade of the material, restoring the natural look and shape of the tooth.
  • Dental treatment and restoration without fillings.
    We stop caries at the "white spots" stage without drilling and damage the enamel.
  • Prosthetics.
    We fix damaged crowns and install new ones when needed , set veneers and zirconium elements . We use long-lasting materials that preserve color, strength and structure for years.
  • Treatment and tooth extractions .
    Tooth removal may be necessary if a tooth is severely damaged or broken That it cannot be repaired with a dental crown. So it can replaced by an implant. This procedure is absolutely painless.

    All procedures are scheduled. Each patient is constantly led by one specialist.

Painless dental treatment under high-quality anesthesia

The main fear of all patienys is pain. To prevent patients from experiencing stress, we practice painless dental treatment under anesthesia. We use effective, fast-acting drugs that don't cause allergies.
Pregnant women are often afraid of treatment and dental fillings, because outdated anesthetics affect negatively the baby. But it's especially during this period that the enamel collapses faster and there is a risk of tooth loss.
We only use safe and harmless drugs. That's why , event when pregnant, the patient shouldn't delay dental treatment for the future - ask for professional help now.

Urgent dental treatment

When the patient is worried about severe pain, visible inflammation or other diseases , the dentist takes urgent measures:

• He uses an anesthetic to make further manipulations as comfortable as possible for the patient;
• examinates attentively the oral cavity and interviews the patient;
• diagnoses the disease;
• finds the optimal method of treatment, if necessary, performs other manipulations;
• prescribes appropriate medications and explains the treatment.

After this one, several follow-up visits will be required, then we can proceed to restore the aesthetics of the dentition.

Professional dental treatment and filling in Organic Dent dental clinic

The patients of our clinic are always satisfied with the results of the treatments. We have achieved this through:

• Good pricing. Prices for dental treatment services are affordable for the majority of Moscow citizens. The dentist chooses the required materials and procedures according to the patient's budget.
• Painless dental treatment.
• The use of anesthesia allows patient to carelessly listen to music through the entire treatment procedure. The only point of discomfort is when anesthesia is injected.
• Safety. Our doctors always use cofferdam – special latex enclosure which protects the patient from any unpleasant moments and injuries, as well as from any infections you might get during treatment.
• The most advanced technologies in the world of dentistry. In our work for dental filling we use Sonicfill sonic tip (Kavo company, Germany) which provides high adaptation of the filling material and its precision fit (Kerr, USA) to the tooth surface.
• Excellent results. You can check "before and after" visual changes of our patients' smiles in the section of our works . All kinds of services are warranted.
• Convenient location. Quality dental treatment requires regular visits. «Organic Dent» clinic is located in the center of Moscow near "Tulskaya" subway station, so our patients don't have to spend a lot of time on the way to their doctor.
• Reasonable schedule. Dentists are ready to receive patients from Monday to Saturday until 21.00. You can visit us after work or on your day off.
• Bonuses. You can check out our discounts and terms in the "Promotions" section. We recommend you to visit this section on a regular basis in order to take care of your health and save money.

Want to get consultation in «Organic Dent» dental clinic? need to fix your teeth and treat the cavities ? Then make an appointment via the following phone numbers: +7 (499) 764 75 00 and +7 (926) 079 05 69 or visit us at the following address: Moscow, Tulskaya subway station, 2nd Roshchinskaya St. 4, 2nd floor, office 216.
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