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Natalie Zimmerman
Today I went to the dentist. Teeth are everything! That's why , when 2 years ago I thought about dental implantation, I obviously started looking for a doctor. By word of mouth , i came to OrganicDent's office to Andrei Anatolyevich Lavrov. From the first minute of our meeting, I realized that He was the one ! I found him! I must say that until that moment the searching lasted for a good period . I think i looked everywhere. And I couldn't make up my mind (. But it happened: I saw a man and realized - yes, here he is, I can trust him). An unusually bright man. Awesome specialist! I don't know how to describe , but I consider it a crime not to tell you about him. Maybe someone is looking for his doctor? And today, for example, I can entrust my health and the health of my loved ones only to people with recommendations. Thanks to my doctor! I was not mistaken, my intuition did not disappoint me.
Alexander Courland
I am an intuistist. what does this mean ?! All decisions where there is no money associated with my enrichment .. well, there you have to count, and sometimes turn on the brain)) So everything outside the business, I do completely by trusting my intuition. I have a friend, a dentist, Irina. I saw her posts a few times. And when I needed it, I immediately remembered her . At the weekend, i wrote that i haven't been to the dentist for a long time and needed help. Irina quickly gave me an appointment on Monday evening. Is it the Monday evening Or doctor, I do not know. But the only thing that I can say is that , I put in my headphones and fell asleep and two hours passed in a blink of an eye . Have you ever slept in a dentist's chair ?! Irina, thanks for the promptness and the selection of a good doctor.
Vadim Kormilitsyn
Wonderful Clinic and cool specialists. I always go there with a big pleasure. the quality of work is at the highest level. They dispelled my childhood worries and the fear of the dentist)). I didn't even think that you can enjoy a visit to the dentist - from treatment and communication) Thank you very much
Irina Boltintseva
Many gratitude to the Clinic team for my Hollywood smile and healthy teeth. It's not only the result of the work, but also the process itself is very important. I can say with confidence that now I have reliable doctors whom I can trust. My smile is a business card and the result of the work of the entire clinic! Thank you very much for the beauty and health that you bring to people. It's so nice to receive compliments to my transformed smile!
Tatyana Makedonova
I am incredibly grateful to the whole team for my wonderful smile))) when starting treatment I could not imagine that it is possible to achieve such results) but now I can say with confidence that these doctors can make an unsurpassed, healthy smile that will make your life even more beautiful)) ) Thank you very much) I will be happy to visit for prevention and with confidence recommend to relatives and friends)
Igor Filonenko
Irina is a wonderful doctor and a good leader, I would say: a good professional , therefore all doctors are selected according to similar standards i.e. high-class masters. The clinic has good conditions, comfort and a high ethics of patient care. I RECOMMEND. Thank you very much for your useful work. Many and good greetings for the whole team. Sincerely.
Alexey Prikhodko
This is, without a doubt, the best dental clinic I have ever been to! Many thanks to Andrei Lavrov for his "golden" hands!
Olga Lehmann-Balashova
I think these are real professionals! Highly qualified specialists! The main thing is that they are all with a hard working soul and a sincere desire to help!
Marina Morozova
Thank you dear doctor @organic_dent @ dr.irinarubleva 😍 for making my teeth smooth and beautiful !!! 😍 Dear friends If you still think it's worth putting brackets or not and whether it's comfortable with them, I'll honestly say the result is worth it !!!! !! Now I love and value myself much more !!!! 😍
Larisa Lychagina
Guys! I have some fantastic news for you! Just a month ago, braces were fixed on my very crowded lower teeth in Stomatologia Organicdent . I couldn't get used to them , did not understand how I would now live with them for a year or two. But my "obedient" teeth, and most importantly, the super professionalism of my dentist Irina Rubleva worked wonders! The teeth are already straight. I do not recognize my smile. Very happy ! Just a couple of months, and we will take them off and i will start eating nuts again!

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