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Nurila Guzel

Specialty: dentist
Education: Graduated from KSMA dental school in Bishkek in 2003

She completed her internship in dentistry at the Moscow State University from 2003 to 2005. Under the supervision of Professor Barrera G.M.

She continued her residency studies in prosthetic dentistry from 2005 to 2007, under the supervision of Professor I. Y. Lebedenko

Residency in dental surgery and implantology from 2009 to 2011 under the supervision of Professor A.M. Panin.

She completed her internship and consolidated her knowledge in dental surgery and implantology at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery "3 Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from October 2010 until December 2011 under the direction of Professor Khychov VV

Additional education:

In 2017, she passed the international examination of dentistry and confirmed her degree in Turkey, Ankara.

In 2019, she was trained in microvascular therapy and hirudotherapy applied to dentistry, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey in Istanbul.

Advanced training in 2021 in digital marketing at Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov.

Continuous training and masterclasses with renowned Russian and foreign lecturers.

Professional skills:

Simple and complex tooth extraction.

Extraction of impacted and dystopic wisdom teeth for orthodontic indications.

Immediate implantation in the area of the extracted tooth.

Delayed implantation.

Guided bone regeneration using absorbable and non-absorbable membranes.

Bone graft removal from the retromolar zone and the chin.


Periodontal surgery for the reconstruction of recessions.

Apical microsurgery (under the microscope) and tooth conservation operations.

Removable and partially removable structures in case of contraindications to implantation.

Fixed and removable constructions based on implants.

Aesthetic prostheses: ceramic veneers, ceramic inlays of varying complexity, and aesthetic crowns.

Endodontic treatment under the microscope.

An integrated approach to diagnosis and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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